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Hey, Bernard Eng here!

Why? This will be DIFFERENT than other “business sessions” you may have taken online.

1. You will NOT be talking to a salesperson or my team. You will be speaking with me directly. This is because I’m most interested & concerned with providing you clarity & who goes through our program too!

2. I will actually diagnose what you need to do on this call and bring all my experience to your career, startup, and/or life. You WILL get thousands of dollars of value on this call, as I’ll be providing you with honest & direct feedback (which is getting harder to come by these days) to fast-track your journey towards a 6-figure annual income.


1. We only serve Full-Time Employees and/or Startups/Side Hustlers because we get the best results for these group of people. If you’re not in any, DO NOT book a call because I’ll send you a rejection email not to waste our time.


  • Are committed to building a multiple 6-7 figure income for the long term
  • Believe that smart work is just as important as hard work to be successful
  • Believe in taking massive action to achieve your desired results
  • Desire to constantly improve & grow professionally & personally
  • Are highly adaptable and coachable 
  • Don’t give up and willing to do whatever it takes
  • Understand the importance & power of investing in yourself to accelerate your growth.


  • Are looking for ways to “make money quick”
  • Believe in overworking & hustling at the expense of yourself
  • Like to hoard lots of information with nothing to show for it
  • Are content & comfortable with where your life is
  • Are stubborn & not receptive to change or feedback
  • Constantly blame others & refuse to take ownership of your life
  • Are unwilling to invest in yourself as you rather do it all on your own

3. Filling out an application will not guarantee that I will be speaking with you. I have extremely limited slots each week as I’m spending most of them directly working with my clients to help them succeed, so I only speak with about half of the applications I receive. I speak with only those I’m 100% confident I can add massive value to and turn away those who aren’t a good fit for us.

4. I usually only talk to folks who desire something more – to build a business, side hustle, improved career prospects, etc. However, while I sometimes make exceptions, if you are currently comfortable & content with exactly where you are right now and have no plans to take action after our session, please DO NOT book a call and take up a slot.

Instead, I have a LinkedIn Community that you can join that can introduce you a little more to what I do here. This is a deep-dive call meant for folks who are willing to take action – instead of dabbling around.

5. Finally, if you do not show up for your booked call, I’m sorry to say there will NOT be a second chance. As our time is our most prized possession, if you need to reschedule, please use the link in the email sent to you to reschedule instead of no-showing without letting us know too! 🙂

And with that, I look forward to talking to you really soon!

In this zero-pressure call, we will explore your goals and what’s holding you back and lay out a clear plan to achieving a 6-Figure Income via your career/side hustle/startup without recklessly quitting your job or working long & tedious hours.

• If I can’t, I will refer you to someone who is a better fit.

• If I can, we can explore some options to move forward and make some powerful & potentially life-changing decisions together.

Please be at your computer in a quiet place, focused & present to make the best use of our time.


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