My Entrepreneur Definition: Success is the Progressive Realisation Process of a Worthy Goal


I have found that when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur, there are planners and there are doers. I have always been a doer, ready to swim in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and learn how to swim to the nearest land despite not knowing how to swim.

In entrepreneurship, you are a dreamer. However, a dreamer without action is just a dream. So, to make a difference in the world, you act on your dream and become a creator despite how hard it is. There is an old saying that fortune favours the bold, which has always been my belief and approach.

For example, when I started my green business years earlier, a client approached us to build a solar dryer for them. I took up the challenge and started searching around. Unfortunately, no supplier in Malaysia could build a greenhouse from glass, so I travelled out of the country and attended every exhibition I could. Wala, I found a reliable manufacturer who is also willing to partner together with my big idea. After successfully building the first greenhouse solar dryer, more orders come in. This was before I got a local supplier and then a local manufacturer, which makes the price much more affordable and sustainable.

The key takeaway here is just doing it. After all, I had already built the first greenhouse solar dryer, which would become just an idea if I didn’t make it real.

Yes, why not!

And the story creation journey continues…

That is entrepreneurship, it is a mindset, and it is the process of realisation of a worthy goal.

Have you found something you love doing? If you have found it, have you acted on it already?

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