Clarity is the Key to Your Life Success, Not Confidence


Clarity is seeing things the way it is.

Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal.

Confidence is the reaction to a worthy goal.

Combining these 3 ingredients in the sequence is a very important ingredient to gaining life success. Put more focus on yourself, sharpening the perceptive sensation you created and reducing the false sense of confidence. But firstly, you must gain clarity.

What humanity needs is LIFE CLARITY!

Let me tell you about my experience of organising seven years of tree planting activities, and I love to associate trees as a metaphor to explain my painful realisation of what is clarity.

As the organiser of tree planting events, we saw the biggest problem in ensuring tree survival is maintaining the tree, especially in the first year, e.g. watering, weeding, fertilising, etc.

So, we decided to organise two types of events, (A) tree planting event, and (B) tree maintenance event, so the volunteers would understand that planting trees is as important as maintaining the trees.

We are expecting the same volunteers to come back and maintain the same tree. Unfortunately, it was the total opposite, nobody who came to the tree planting event (A) attended the tree maintenance event (B).

I learned that the issue is volunteers were not clear about why they are planting a tree, mostly were told by their boss to join the event and attendance was mandatory because this is their company sponsored event. Aha!

It was a tough realisation because organising events was not easy, from funding to taking action for the events consumed a lot of commitment and motivation. I almost broke down in some of the events.

So, the question here is shall I be a compassionate leader to everyone?


Love Yourself First

I learned the hard way that compassion should start from loving yourself, knowing your capability, and helping whoever is ready to receive help, not helping others that you felt needed it. Sometimes it will cause even more trouble and life-threatening incidents, especially to yourself.

Is that also happening in your life now?

Take action now!

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