Behavioural Change with Mindfulness Tool


Life asks us questions!

Probably one of the most important questions it asks us is:

What are you going to do about difficult thoughts and feelings?

As your coach, I am here to partner with you to find the answer to that question within you


You also have this ego and judgemental mind between your ears that don’t have the answer and is constantly tempting you into taking the wrong direction.

Behavioural change is a skill that can be learned and with practice, this skill can become a powerful tool for personal development.

Everyone has their own unique painful moment, but this pain was not properly accepted and is often ignored. The ignorant habit pattern has naturally become a mental addiction and people often struggle to make the change because of failure to accept this painful moment fundamentally.

Through coaching sessions, a coach will have a 1-on-1 conversation to listen to the situation and introduce a mindfulness tool so you are able to understand why you are in pain and later develop strategies to achieve your desired life goals.

Accept, Responsible, Commit (ARC)

This mindfulness tool is called Accept, Responsible, Commit (ARC) developed by Bernard Eng Research. This tool activates your 5 senses of experience (sight, hear, taste, smell, and touch) and starts noticing the difference inside you, that gets away and toward achieving your goals.

What do you do to move away from the unwanted stuff?

What could you do to move toward what is important to you?

Nature Coaching

Upon request, having the coaching session in the forest could further activate your 5 senses through appreciation of nature. Moreover, short breathing meditation could sharpen your mind to become more focused in the coaching process. With the right environment, your mind will be calmer and more balanced to accept things as is.

Coaching requires hard work and commitment, there is no easy thing to do. I hope coaching with the ARC tool could help you understand better your behavioural pattern and start developing actions to liberate yourself to the goals you want to achieve.

Thank you for reading.

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