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Bernard Eng is a certified ICF entrepreneurship and life coach with a passion for sustainability and leadership transformation. As the founder and CEO of Bernard Business Consulting, Bernard has guided numerous top executives to realize their full potential and drive their organizations towards sustainable success. His unique approach combines deep self-awareness with strategic foresight, ensuring that leaders not only achieve their goals but also create lasting positive impacts.

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Coaching is the Shortcut to discover what is Life (Health, Family, Love, Business, Career, Passion, Purpose and Most importantly Happiness)

Aha! Let me tell you the truth, sometimes you are not able to see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others

Before I tell you what a coaching program is, I want to tell you the backstory about how it was created…

15 years ago, I was a normal person like you. I wish to have a business, but nothing was clarity about what I should do.

I joined an NGO that helped me to change my entire life.

I planted the first tree. I told myself that Green Business Is the goal that I wish to do to impact the environment and at the same time impact the world

Now, you have the opportunity to break through your comfort zone, including your career, business, relationship, confidence, and decision making and looking ahead to work-life balanced by my coaching program.

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Why You Need Coaching

Achieve Self-Awareness

Understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots is crucial for effective leadership. However, it’s often difficult to gain an objective view of oneself amidst daily pressures.

How Coaching Helps:

Experience Self-Realization

In the pursuit of professional success, many leaders lose sight of their true purpose and potential. Self-realization is about uncovering your authentic self and aligning your actions with your core values.

How Coaching Helps:

Have Your 'Aha' Moments

Breakthroughs and moments of clarity are essential for personal and professional growth, but they often come sporadically and unpredictably.

How Coaching Helps:

Gain Unmatched Clarity

Leaders often struggle with making clear, decisive choices in complex situations, leading to uncertainty and indecision.

How Coaching Helps:

Here’s how it works

The coaching program is designed to gain clarity in terms of your goals and aspirations for your business, if you have an idea, and thought of starting up a business, this program will help you gain clearer direction and decision.

No matter who you are, where you are, this program is universal, with only one important criteria, you must have a big heart to do good for the environment and people, and are committed to do business wholeheartedly.

If you have an existing problem, and need guidance, this program is for you. You will get warm support and positive encouragement from my team. I am here to help.

what my clients say

Just like Eric Koh - Director of Myfilter Distribution

He completed 15 sessions of business coaching and lead him to self realization and what to do next.


What My Other Clients Say

Having to meet Bernard, and have him as my mentor is indeed a blessing. Not only is he caring, but also very professional in how he conduct his mentoring sessions and delivering his experience across. Although, in the beginning I was taken aback by how straight forward he would direct a question to me or my friends. But eventually, I love how it could challenge and bring out the best in oneself. He is very nice to talk to and always ready to listen to me before giving his input. From the mentoring sessions together, I am sure he has a pure heart in helping people and great constructive advices to guide you in finding your meaning of life. Thank you Bernard, for your dedication !
Bee Lynda
I'm extremely grateful to Mr Bernard Eng for the eye-opening experience he provided for me, during the 45 minute sustainability coaching session. A professional coach with a similar view towards life, guiding me to really become the best version of myself, that I'm currently dreaming about. • I build my capacity • I literally admit and answered my inner most confusing and feared questions • I had a teacher to lead me into the right path • I had a caring person to talk with about my life goals It's a well-served package of goodness, in and out. Thank you Mr Bernard Eng, for letting me see for myself, what I really want to do with my life. You made me realise that, and more! I would personally recommend Mr Bernard Eng's coaching sessions, as I'm hooked by the empathy he brought to the table too. Thank you. Will be working with him in future, as circumstances collides.
Poorani Kannan
One of the best sustainable coach I have ever meet in my life. The talk that has been delivered and answers from the QnA session are very solid, inspiring and remarkable from Mr. Bernard. 💪👍. I hope the company will expand and success in the future. Fyi. Thank you so much for the talk !
Chee Khai
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